Extracurricular activities

Additional classes supplement everyday didactic work with children and are divided into two groups:

1. Classes included in tuition fee:

  • Learning English - "playing with English" to learn its meaning and content in the form of games, songs, poems and rhymes. In everyday relationship with a native speaker, children in a spontaneous and natural way acquire language skills.
  • Rhythm – movement classes – make children sensitive to music, shape ear for music and a sense of rhythm, but mainly teach movement coordination.
  • Movement, gymnastic and sport classes - support proper physical development with particular emphasis on the prevention from body posture defects.
  • Drama classes – make children sensitive to art, allow to create theater plays, include showing the ways of creating scenery. Playing with the elements of drama, mime, improvisation and stage movement develop children's sensitivity and creativity.
  • Classes with an interactive board and a computer - support the process of preparing for school, as well as shape various skills such as observation, concentration, memory, thinking, hand-eye coordination and knowledge of colors. In an interesting way provide learning new technologies and the knowledge about the world.
  • Scientific Workshop - provide the opportunity to experiment and experience different phenomena, and allow for research and exploration of the world.
  • Tactical classes – the play with different materials and consistency i.e. water, sand, flour, etc.
  • Modeling classes- activities with the use of: plasticine, clay, play dough, paper pulp, natural materials (stones, chestnuts, seeds, etc.) 
  • Floristic workshops - encourage the creation of many interesting forms using natural material, make children familiar with the Japanese technique of flower arranging called ikebana.
  • Cooking Workshops - allow you to explore new tastes, encourage healthy eating and give a lot of joy from the fun of cooking.
  • Workshops with elements of the history of art – develop manual skills, and comprise the basis for learning how to write and above all shape creativity, imagination and aesthetics.
  • Logo rhythmicity, "Gymnastics of mouth and tongue" - developing language skills, allows for playing with words, speech and pronunciation, introduces exercises to improve the work of organs of speech and motor coordination.
  • Psychologist, a speech therapist and dietician support

2. 2. Classes additionaly charged:

At the request of the parents we organise extra classes in the afternoons:
  • Moovling – modern dance combined with learning English
  • Joga
  • Taekwon-do
  • Robotics
  • French

The fee for additional activities will be consulted with the parents and is determined by the choice of classes and the number of participants.

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