The quality of meals served in the nursery is one of the priorities, which is taken into consideration when we choose a nursery for our child. Being aware of the importance of what our children eat, we decided to cooperate with the chain of canteens called "Alma Verde". This is the company which specialises in the preparation of meals for schools and nurseries, based on the Polish obligatory nutritional requirements for children.

"Alma Verde" is the company which, in its policy, goes beyond the standard of typical catering services. The biggest emphasis is put on the quality of meals, which should be healthy, tasty and varied. At the same time, it takes steps in the promotion of healthy nutrition to children. " Alma Verde" also offers meetings with parents outlining the rules of proper nutrition for children. Moreover, during the whole year of a child's attendance in the nursery, parents can consult the dietician of "Alma Verde" on the topic of menus, or with questions on the subject of nutrition for pre-school children.

What is significant is the fact that children with food allergies have their menu prepared with the consideration of individual nutritional needs. This is what makes "Alma Verde" stand out from the rest of school catering companies. If your child has problems with allergies to certain kinds of food, a special diet, according to doctor's advice, is prepared for them.

All people interested in learning about the "Alma Verde" company are invited to view its internet site:, where you can find, among other things, the everyday menu prepared by "Alma Verde".
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