"Children who start learning a foreign language at a very early age, can with greater ease understand their mother tongue, as they become aware of the existence of language itself." - Renzo Titone

Bright Child Nursery provides Polish-English education at the highest level.

Our main objective is to introduce children into the world of English in a natural way in order to make it a part of their everyday life from the early days. At our nursery, English does not comprise an additional class - children learn new content and concepts encompassed in the core curriculum in both languages at the same time.

Scientific studies prove that very early contact of children with a second language develops the range of vocabulary simultaneously in both languages and facilitates the improvement of concentration, thus it has a great influence on the development of brain and cognitive abilities not directly associated with speech.

Bilingual education is a standard recognised in many countries, although still not very popular in Poland.

We believe that languages open the doors to friendship, knowledge and to the world. Children learn foreign languages in an easy and nice way. The early beginning of learning foreign languages builds in children a positive attitude towards different cultures and peoples. Moreover, it builds the foundation for future education and experience in this field.

Children, by playing games, having fun and using adequately chosen teaching aids, quickly start recognising and reacting to announcements read out in the foreign language.

Should anyone be interested in learning further languages, we offer additional lessons in French.

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