Our curriculum

Our Curriculum aims to educate successful learners...

  • with enthusiasm and motivation for learning
  • determination to reach high standards of achievement
  • an openness to new thinking and ideas
  • to use literacy, communication and numeracy skills
  • use technology for learning
  • think creatively and independently
  • learn independently and as part of a group
  • to make reasoned evaluations
  • to connect and apply different kinds of learning in new situations

Confident Individuals...

  • with self respect
  • a sense of physical, mental and emotional well being
  • secure values and beliefs
  • to have ambition
  • be able to relate to others and manage themselves
  • to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle
  • to be self aware
  • to develop and communicate their own beliefs and view of the world
  • to live as independently as they can
  • to assess risk and take informed decisions
  • to achieve success in different areas of life

Effective contributors...

  • with an enterprising attitude
  • who are resilient
  • who are self-reliant
  • able to communicate in different ways and in different settings
  • who can work in partnership and in teams
  • who take the initiative and lead
  • who can apply critical thinking in new contexts
  • who create and develop
  • who solve problems

Responsible citizens...

  • with respect for others
  • commitment to participate responsibly in political, economic, social and cultural life
  • who understand different beliefs and cultures
  • who make informed choices and decisions
  • who can evaluate environmental, scientific and technological issues
  • able to develop mature, ethical views of complex issues
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