Why to choose us

Dear Parent, relax and imagine what your Child’s dream nursery looks like:

It has friendly, highly qualified and experienced staff, who will take excellent care of your child and ensure the best education.

Classes are conducted in small groups which allows for greater individual care and 1 to 1 interaction to make your child feel at home.

It introduces your child to the world of the English language in a natural way.

It provides delicious and healthy meals, adjusted to the nutritional requirements of your child (paid only when your child is present at nursery).

It promotes a healthy lifestyle by providing many physical activities.

It ensures interesting and stimulating obligatory classes held with the use of modern methods suitable for the development of your child in accordance with the core curriculum of the Ministry of Education plus a wide range of extracurricular activities.

It gives you access to a secure internet monitoring system, facilitating 100% safety for your child and 100% piece of mind for you.

It is a modern nursery, which allows you to check reports on your child’s development, browse photos or contact the staff online, whenever you want.

It is decorated aesthetically and in a stimulating way, plus guarantees safe and hygienic conditions for your child.

It has a large and safe play area.

It organises visits to cinemas, theatres, museums, and invites interesting guest speakers/teachers.

You don't have to dream - Bright Child Nursery is like this and better!

We invite you!!!

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